Terms of Service

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose and Scope of the Regulations

  • Purpose of the Regulations: These regulations (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") aim to define the rules for using the DontWorryJustRent, which is a marketplace platform that allows renting various items such as motorcycles, cars, apartments, etc., by third parties (hereinafter referred to as "Users").
  • Scope of the Regulations: The Regulations specify the rights and obligations of Users and the application administrator, rules for making reservations, payments, cancellations, and other issues related to using the application.

1.2 Definitions of Key Terms

  • Rentier: A user of the application who lists items for rent. Client: A user of the application who makes reservations for items offered by the Rentier.
  • Reservation: The process in which the Client selects and reserves a specific item offered by the Rentier.
  • Offer: An announcement posted by the Rentier in the application, containing information about the item available for rent, including its description, price, rental terms, and other relevant information.
  • Order: A legal action taken by the Client, consisting of accepting the Rentier's Offer and committing to rent the item under the conditions specified in the Offer.
  • DontWorryJustRent: Web/mobile application serving as a platform for renting items.

2. Scope of Services

2.1 Description of Provided Services

  • General Scope of Services: The DontWorryJustRent application is a marketplace platform that enables Users to rent and lease a variety of items, such as motorcycles, cars, apartments, and others. The platform acts as an intermediary between Rentiers and Clients, facilitating the posting of offers, making reservations, and conducting rental transactions.
  • Functionalities for Rentiers: Rentiers can post, edit, and remove their offers, manage reservations.
  • Functionalities for Clients: Clients can browse available offers, make reservations, and cancel them in accordance with the rules specified in the Regulations.

2.2 User Requirements

  • Age and Capacity to Enter Contracts: To use the application, Users must be of legal age and have full legal capacity. Minor Users may use the application only under the supervision and with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.
  • Acceptance of the Regulations: Using the application implies acceptance of these Regulations. Users are obliged to comply with the rules set out in the Regulations and the laws.

3. Registration and User Account

3.1 Registration Process and Account Requirements

  • Registration: To use the full range of functionalities of the application, Users must register by creating a user account. The registration process requires providing basic information such as first name, last name, email address, and creating a password.
  • Verification and Acceptance of Regulations: During registration, Users are required to read and accept these Regulations and the privacy policy. In some cases, additional identity verification may be required.

3.2 Duties and Responsibilities of Users

  • Maintaining Confidentiality of Login Information: Users are responsible for keeping their login information confidential and are responsible for all activities carried out through their accounts.
  • Updating Information: Users are obliged to update their personal information in the event of any changes.

3.3 Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection

  • Processing of Personal Data: The application processes the personal data of Users in accordance with applicable data protection regulations and in accordance with the privacy policy.
  • Data Security: The application applies appropriate security measures to protect Users personal data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

4. Rules for Posting Offers by Rentiers

4.1 Requirements for Offers

  • Creating an Offer: Rentiers can post rental offers for items by providing detailed information, including description, photos, rental price, and availability of the item.
  • Clarity and Accuracy of Information: All information contained in the offer should be clear, accurate, and consistent with reality. Rentiers are responsible for the truthfulness and up-to-dateness of the information contained in the offer.

4.2 Editing and Deleting Offers

  • Managing Offers: Rentiers have the ability to edit or delete their offers at any time. Changes in the offer do not affect reservations already made unless this is agreed directly with the Client.

4.3 Responsibility for Offers

  • Compliance with Law: Rentiers are responsible for ensuring that the items they offer and the rental conditions comply with applicable legal regulations.
  • Liability for Damages and Complaints: Rentiers may be liable for any damages to the rented item or other problems arising from inaccurate information contained in the offer.

5. Reservation and Payment Process

5.1 Reservation Procedure

  • Making a Reservation: The Client can make a reservation for a chosen item through the application. After making a reservation, the Rentier has 24 hours to accept or reject it.
  • Automatic Cancellation of Unconfirmed Reservations: If the Rentier does not respond to the reservation within 24 hours, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

5.2 Rules for Cancelling Reservations and Refunds

  • Cancelling by the Client: The Client has the right to cancel the reservation without financial consequences as long as the Rentier has not confirmed the reservation. After the Rentier confirms the reservation and payment is made, cancelling the reservation does not result in a refund.
  • Cancelling by the Rentier: The Rentier may cancel the reservation before confirming it. In such a case, the Client is entitled to a full refund.

5.3 Payment Information

  • Payment Process: Payments for reservations are processed through the Stripe payment system. The fee is charged to the Client at the time the Rentier confirms the reservation.
  • Transaction Security: All financial transactions are conducted in a secure manner, in accordance with the highest standards of financial data protection.

6. Deposits and Liability for Damages

6.1 Rules Regarding Deposits

  • Deposit Requirement: Rentiers may require Clients to pay a deposit as a security against possible damages to the rented item. The amount and conditions of the deposit should be clearly stated in the offer.
  • Return of Deposit: The deposit should be returned to the Client after the end of the rental period and upon confirmation of no damages or other issues with the rented item.

6.2 Procedure for Settling Potential Damages

  • Assessment of Damages: In the event of damages, the rentier and client should jointly assess the extent of the damages and estimate the cost of repairs.
  • Covering Repair Costs: The cost of repairing damages can be covered by the deposit if the extent of damages does not exceed the deposit amount. In case of more significant damages, the rentier may require the client to cover the full costs of repair.

6.3 Liability for Damages

  • Client's Liability: The Client is responsible for any damages caused to the rented item during the rental period.
  • Insurance: Rentiers and Clients may consider purchasing insurance for additional protection against potential damages.

7. Payouts and Application Fees

7.1 Rules for Payouts to Rentiers

  • Payout Process: After the successful completion of a rental transaction, the rentier is entitled to a rental fee, from which 20% is deducted as an application commission. The remaining portion of the amount is transferred to the rentier's account.
  • Settlement Period: Payouts are made in regular settlement periods, which are specified in the application or in separate terms of cooperation.

7.2 Application Fees

  • Application Commission from the Client: The application adds a 10% service fee to each transaction, payable by the Client. This fee is added to the rental price at the time of making a reservation.
  • Application Commission from the Rentier: After the completion of the transaction, the application charges a 20% rental value commission from the rentier for using the platform.
  • Other Fees: Additional fees may apply for using certain functionalities of the application, which will be specified in a separate section of the regulations or application.

8. Complaint Procedures and Policies

8.1 Procedures for Filing Complaints

  • Filing Complaints: Users have the right to file complaints about the services provided by the application. Complaints should be submitted in writing through the application or email, containing a detailed description of the problem and the expected solution.
  • Deadline for Filing Complaints: Complaints should be submitted within a specified period from the date of the event subject to the complaint, e.g., within 14 days.

8.2 Rules for Handling Complaints

  • Review Process: The application commits to reviewing each complaint within a set period, e.g., within 30 days from the date of its receipt.
  • Communication and Resolution: During the complaint review process, the application maintains communication with the user, informing them about progress and the final resolution.

8.3 Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation and Arbitration: In case of more serious disputes between users and the application, parties may use mediation or arbitration as a form of out-of-court dispute resolution.
  • Legal Provisions: In cases that cannot be resolved through mediation or arbitration, disputes will be settled by the appropriate court in accordance with legal provisions.

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1 Limitation of Liability

  • General Principle: The DontWorryJustRent application is not liable for direct or indirect losses resulting from the use of the application, including financial losses, loss of data, or property damage.
  • Scope of Liability: The application's liability is limited to the maximum amount of the fee received from the User for the service to which the claim relates.

10. Final Provisions

10.1 Final Provisions

  • Changes to the Regulations: The application reserves the right to make changes to the regulations. Users will be informed of any changes well in advance.
  • Validity of the Regulations: These regulations come into effect upon publication in the application and remain in effect until they are amended or revoked.
  • Applicable Law: The regulations and all matters related to them are subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the application is registered.
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