Motorbike Routes in Phuket for Wet Weather


Rainy Days in Phuket can put a damper on beach and boat trips, but for motorbike enthusiasts, the wet weather opens opportunities to explore the interior of the island. With lush green landscapes and less traffic on more remote routes, rainy day motorbike drives allow bikers to experience a different side of Phuket. From mountain viewpoints to rubber tree plantations and waterfalls, there are plenty of worthwhile routes and destinations to discover.

Western Coastal Route

Phuket’s rugged and visually stunning western coastline lends itself perfectly to motorbike journeys in the rain. The route from Nai Harn beach up and around Promthep Cape is especially scenic as the road winds past rocky viewpoints with waves crashing far below. The green hillsides dotted with white windmills above Ya Nui and Nai Harn beaches are appealing sights in wet weather as mist descends around the turbines. Stopping to take photos is highly recommended.

Further north, the drive from Kamala Beach through Laem Singh and up to the Big Buddha provides awesome ocean vistas and forested hillsides. Showers often pass quickly on this side, so even if it’s wet, you’ll still get views between the clouds and rain spurts. Just make sure to drive carefully and pull over fully if rain gets heavy. Ponchos and rain gear can allow you to still stop on the roadside where safe for those iconic ocean outlook photos.


Khao Phra Thaeo Royal Forest and Wildlife Reserve

For a rainforest feel not far from Phuket Town, the Khao Phra Thaeo Royal Forest and Wildlife Reserve provides great motorbike driving. Leafy green vegetation and muddy forest tracks let you imagine past rural Thailand. Gibbons can sometimes be heard calling across the valleys as you traverse along rolling ridges and hills past waterfalls and viewpoints. It’s an easy place to spend a few wet weather hours.

The roads are steep in area but well-paved. However, they can get slippery in heavy rain. So, caution is required. There are a few small parking areas to safely stop and take short walks to attractions like Bang Pae waterfall or Gibbon Rehabilitation Project center. The forest drives here show a unique wet season side of Phuket.


East Coast Scenic Route

The east coast of Phuket island provides magnificent scenery as you drive past expansive lakes, straw-colored grass fields, and green forested slopes. The route north from Chalong temple is especially picturesque after rains when flooded fields reflect clouds and blue skies above. Constructed after the 2004 tsunami, the slightly elevated road provides awesome views over the lakes and Phuket’s rural landscape.

North of the Heroines Monument, a recommended stop is the famous Phuket Windmill Viewpoint. Its prominent hill location gives a great outlook over the east coast bays on clearer days. But even in wet weather, it’s worth the climb to gaze over flooded rice fields and rolling grasslands that spread outward. On rainy stretches, you’ll practically have the windmills and viewpoint to yourself.

Thalang Road Rubber Plantations

Just 15 minutes’ drive from Phuket Town, Thalang District features expansive rubber tree plantations covering the small, forested hills. Roads wind through these lush green rubber groves that let you feel far from the resort buzz. Morning rides after overnight showers are nice. Plus, there is very little traffic. So, you can cruise easily while embracing the tropical vibes of rural Phuket island. Tall banana trees and coconut groves line many stretches with mist-covered hills as a backdrop.

While a few steeper sections require care, the main roads are well-paved through the rubber trees. Look for the turn north off route 402 at Thalang town. Stopping options include typical Thai restaurants along the way and you can park near Wat Thalang west of Thalang town. It’s a great area to easily spend a few wet weather hours immersed among vibrant rainforest greens.

So don’t let Phuket’s wet season showers deter you from awesome motorbike adventures. Some of the island’s most memorable routes and scenery are perfectly fitted to rainy day drives if care is taken. Just make sure you have proper wet weather motorbike gear to comfortably embrace the conditions. And ride cautiously to discover the lushly picturesque lesser-seen side of Phuket.

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